Skvala is an Old Norse word which is related to the English word squeal and means to shout, bawl, cry out. This page is a selection of articles by Arlea Anschütz and Stormerne Hunt*. Many of these have been published in print media; others have appeared on various websites. Here are gathered the majority of their heathen-related articles in one place (though you may try the APT website for others). You are welcome to link any of these articles to your website. Please seek permission if you wish to reproduce them in electronic or print format. Copyright remains with the author(s).

* Since 2005, and after very many years, Stormerne no longer calls himself a Heathen. Taking up another age old path, he has once again adopted Buddhism. You can find out a little more on Stormerne's blog, "Words of a Seer".

General Introductions to Heathenry

A number of different groups, publications, websites, etc. have asked us to write them an 'Intro to Heathenry'. The following articles contain a lot of the same information presented with different audiences in mind.

More Heathen Topics
Runes and Magic Miscellaneous
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